6 Simple Steps to Install a New Mailbox

There are some things that they just don’t teach us in school. How to write a check, how to fold your laundry without wrinkles, or in a new homeowner’s case, how to install a mailbox. We see a variety of mailboxes everyday outside of homes, but who installed it? Did it take long? What tools did they need to get the job done? If you can relate to these questions, then this guide is for you. Follow along and have your mailbox up in no time.

Before getting started, remember that all mailboxes are different and you should always refer to the mailbox manufacturer for specific instructions.

  • Dig Post Hole

The USPS requirements state the mailbox shelf cannot be taller than 45 inches above street level, so the standard mailbox recommended height is 42-45 inches above street level. Also try to be about 6-8 inches away from the curb to ensure safety for drivers.

Mark a spot on your lawn and use a post hole digger to dig your hole. Dig deep enough so that the height of your mailbox will be around 42 inches, but do not dig deeper than 24 inches into the ground.

  • Insert Mailbox Post

Insert the mailbox post into the hole, ensuring that it reaches about 42-45 inches from ground level. Use a level to make sure it is straight and not lopsided.

  • Fill the hole

Fill the hole with dirt surrounding the post. You can also use concrete or other ground fillers, but dirt is recommended as it will not cause harm to vehicles if an accident occurs. Also, in Northern climates, it is suggested to use dirt instead of concrete. Reach out to your local post office and ask what they recommend if you are unsure.

  • Attach Postbox to your post

Using mounting brackets or per your manufacturer’s instructions, install your mailbox to the post. Depending on your model and type of mailbox, this will vary. Spira mailboxes, depending on the model, can vary in instillation instructions so follow the instructions that came with your mailbox.

  • Personalize your mailbox

The USPS requires each mailbox is clearly labeled with corresponding address numbers, at least one inch tall. Post offices recommend they be at least 4 inches tall, however, so that emergency vehicles can quickly identify your address. There are many ways to do this, such as an address plate, stickers, or even writing it yourself. Get creative and allow your mailbox to show the personality your home has, whether it be modern, rustic, or just plain bold.

  • Enjoy your home’s newest edition

And, voila! You now have a new mailbox, which you’ve installed yourself. Remember to add soil above the filler if you’d like to create a more solid look, as well as ensure you are inspecting your mailbox for wear and tear. If you have a Spira mailbox, however, you won’t have to worry, because our mailboxes are built to last, resist rust and weather damage, and stay looking beautiful for years to come.


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