At Spira Mailbox, we target delivering exceptionally designed products that are manufactured to the highest quality.

Our mailboxes have contemporary designs, some with Marine-grade 316 stainless steel materials used for superior resistance from the outdoor elements, and rugged designs to provide years of exceptional service.

We've partnered with Helix Design, an award-winning industrial design firm, to develop these products with features and details rarely seen in a standard mailbox.

Our History

Spira Mailbox came to be as the result of a very discerning homeowner who knew exactly what he wanted (and what he didn't)! Joe Schappler, the company's founder, is an industrial designer by trade. In recent years, Joe had a custom contemporary home built and promptly went in search of a high quality, high style mailbox to complement his beautiful new home. It's no surprise, he couldn't find anything even close to what he envisioned, so what's a designer to do? Joe set out to design and manufacture one himself!

Explore our collection of mailboxes, post boxes and accessories to make a perfect fit for your home. Already a shopper? Send us your testimonials and photos today. 

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