First Impressions: Essentials for Designing the Front Exterior of Your Home

First impressions are everything. A firm handshake, an ironed shirt, but especially the front of your home. The first feeling you and your visitor’s need to have upon arriving at your home is welcomed, which is why we’ve collected a variety of designs and assets that will spruce up the face of your space. Even the dogs will wonder how beautiful the inside must look!
While lawn upkeep and exterior architecture are important, it is the small, simply overlooked aspects to a home that are often forgotten, yet so very important in making a first impression.

Plants and Gardening

Who said your garden had to be in the backyard? With summer arriving, a very simple way to make your home look more sophisticated and welcoming is the use of plants. By planting a walkway, or laying out pots by the front door, it is easy to create a striking entryway for your home.

Not only are they beautiful, but the upkeep is simple and easy.


An important factor to keep in mind when designing your front yard is the walk to the front door. What will your visitors see? Is it easily accessible? Does it go with the aesthetic of your home?

Luckily, walkways can be very versatile and simple to spruce up. Whether it’s stone, concrete, or something different all-together, make your visitors feel as though they are in good hands as they step off the curb and into your home by including fresh designs and assets, such as gravel, use of plants and more.  

Front Entry Lighting

Something that is commonly overlooked but makes a very big difference is the use of front entry lighting. This is a very simple, but effective way to make your home look welcoming and sultry. Exterior lighting can define the look of a home, while helping visitors navigate and develop opinions.

With plenty of different styles of lighting, you are sure to find the best fit to compliment your home. Whether it’s a post light, wall light, or walkway light, lighting is sure to be give your visitors a bright welcome.


Keep your curb appeal stylish, up to date, but most importantly functional. Mailboxes are very commonly put aside when designing a home. However, a mailbox is the first impression. A modern, sleek looking mailbox will define a home’s message, and give your home the attention it deserves from on-lookers.
Here at Spira, mailboxes are our specialty. We offer a selection ranging from small to large, offered in stainless steel or matte black. Our military grade stainless steel material will withstand rough climates and last for years to come. The best part, however, is how stylish and accommodating they are to your home’s aesthetic.

Our Large Stainless Steel Post Box and Black Post, available now.
Whether it is a post box or wall box, your mailbox is the very first thing the mailman, the dog-walker, and your friends and family will see upon entering the home. When considering how to design the front exterior of your home, remember that your mailbox is your connection to the outside world. Make it stand out as much as your home does.

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